Let’s Talk About Kitchen Counters

Kitchen Counter

Do you enjoy entertaining?  Is your kitchen the hub of family life? 

We often design our kitchens into large open areas where entertaining, family activities, conversation, and food are all centered into one convenient living space.  A space that’s large enough for entertaining plenty of guests, yet intimate to encourage family board games or homework.

We are often asked what is the best material to use for counter tops.  While all aspects of kitchen design are important, the countertop usually makes a significant statement.   Your choice of countertop can impact a guests first impression of the space.


Quartz is more durable than natural stone and resistant to stains, scratches and heat.  It is easy to maintain.  One advantage of quartz is that it’s consistent in appearance.  The sample you see at the supplier is going to be pretty much what you get.


Marble is porous and will stain.  While marble is can be a stunning addition to a kitchen it is not a recommended material for counters.


Granite is a natural material and every slab of granite is different.  If you are looking for a unique look with timeless beauty, granite may be a good choice for you.  When it is properly sealed, granite is durable and low in maintenance.

Solid Surface

Surfaces such as Corian are man made from acrylic resin and minerals.  A solid surface product is durable and can be molded to whatever shape you want without seams.


Timber is quickly becoming a popular choice!  It’s natural beauty and overall warmth adds character with a stunning appeal.  Timber will require regular maintenance and can come in washed, stained, and oil finishes.

Always take your personal taste and lifestyle into consideration when choosing a countertop.  Remember your choice is going to be one of the first things you see when you enter the room. 

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