Most folks find building a new home to be an exciting journey, but often don’t know where to begin.  We know you will have many unanswered questions and hesitations before you even contact us.  Here are some common questions to consider before your initial meeting with your builder.  If you aren’t exactly sure of all the answers at this time, that’s no problem.  We are happy to meet anyway!

What is your budget?

You’ll need to have a bottom line about the amount you are willing to invest in your home.

 Where do you want to build?

Choosing your location is a critical element of your custom home.

 What do you want to build?

You don’t have to know all the specific details about what you want before talking to a builder as they will have many ideas, but start thinking about the things that are important to you: a particular style, outdoor spaces, storage, formal or informal, comfortable or elegant, and so on.  Start a list, keep a scrapbook, and start clipping photos from magazines, newspapers, or the web. Your builder may also have idea books, plans, past work, or other material to help you narrow in on your unique needs and style.

 Think about building for life:

If you are retired or a middle of life homebuyer, you should be thinking of how long you plan to stay in your custom home and whether or not you should design for your later years. Some things to think about are one level plans, wider doorways and hallways, and other ease-of-life and convenience features and design.

 How involved do you want to be?

This home is supposed to be your dream home, so yes, you’ll be involved. You should talk to your builder about the level of involvement you want to have in the process.

 What is your time frame?

The typical custom homebuilding process is longer that a production-built home, so know that going in. Time frames can range from 4 months to a year or more.

 Choose the right builder!

You should like and trust the builder you select.

Building a custom home is a journey from start to finish.  With the right builder, the end of the journey brings exceptional rewards!