Are you thinking about building a home in the future? Are you collecting pictures, looking at magazines, and searching the internet for different ideas? It’s an exciting dream, isn’t it? It’s exciting for us too!  Not only do we build homes, we design them too!  By working with you closely throughout the design phase, you will get to know us and we will get to know exactly what you are thinking of for your new home.

Our Initial Meeting With You

Our initial meeting with you may take one to two hours.  Often our client may not really know exactly what to expect at the first meeting, nor precisely what he or she wants in their new home.  That’s ok!  We will ask many questions and take detailed notes regarding your needs, ideas, and dreams for your home.  We’ll also answer the many questions you will have about our company, how we do things at Sonbuilt, and what the anticipated costs will be.

Design Agreement

After our initial meeting, if you wish to continue the process of having a home designed, we will meet with you to discuss and review our Design Agreement.  It describes in depth our costs, payment scheduled, our obligations to you, and time frames.

Preliminary Design

Within a couple of weeks of meeting with you we will have preliminary designs based on our initial discussions with you.  Typically we present two or three different designs, providing you with main and upper floor sketches and a  drawing of the front elevation for each of the designs.  This is the best opportunity for you to make major changes and we can return to the drawing board and provide you with new preliminary designs.

Design Development

Once the preliminary design is complete we will start developing the drawings by  completing the floor plans and the elevations.  It is normal and even desirable to spend time refining the design at this stage and we will meet with you two or three times to ensure the drawings are proceeding in the direction you want.

Permit Drawings

We now complete the formal drawings for submission to an engineer and the municipal building department.  Changes still can be make at this stage of the drawing.  However, there may be additional charges for changes to the permit drawings.

Additional Design Development

Permit drawings do not require detailed interior design or finish specifications.  We are pleased to provide you with specialty drawing and product specification.  Depending on your budget and the level of detail you would like, we can use the permit drawings with a simple outline of    products and finishes.  Alternatively, we can provide   detailed design specifications for all the finishes you with to put into your new home.

If you are dreaming, imagining, planning, or considering getting started, you would enjoy meeting with you.  Give us a call or contact us through our website!