Welcome to Your Holmes Approved Home!

Sonbuilt Custom Homes is a Mike Holmes approved builder.  The Holmes Approved Homes program recognizes builders who share the same building principles as Canada’s Most Trusted Contractor, Mike Holmes.

We go above and beyond the industry standards to give you the best home and the best home building experience we can.  We don’t cut corners.  We build above the minimum building code.  Our homes don’t just look good on the surface, they are even better behind the walls in the places you don’t see.

We are about the details and about building it right.  We prove ourselves on every home we build.

That’s why Mike Holmes chose us to be a Holmes Approved Homes builder.  Because we build with integrity.

What Will I Get with a Holmes Approved Home?

Better Inspections.  Your home will undergo a series of home inspections, including onsite field reviews by approved Mike Holmes Inspectors, providing you with a transparent record of the quality and value that exists behind your walls.

Local municipal inspectors provide inspections ensuring the minimum building code is being met.  A Mike Holmes inspector will be looking for proof that we are following through with our promise to build you a home that exceeds the building code.

The Best Techniques. Tested building techniques and practices that have consistently proven their value and benefits will be used in the construction of your home to beautifully support and protect your investment, today and tomorrow.

A Healthier Home.  From the air you breathe to the systems you use, your home will be safer, healthier and more durable thanks to superior products and materials incorporated into every feature of your home.

Peace of Mind.  The Holmes Approved Homes Program provides confidence in your investment so you can feel secure in your choice of a better, more durable home that’s built to last.

A Certified Home.  As proof of the investment you have made, you will receive an official Holmes Approved Homes Certificate and Inspection Summary Report detailing exactly how your home was built to Mike’s specifications. Both documents are completely transferable, making them unique selling features should you ever decide to sell your home.

Mike Holmes is all about making it right and we are proud to be one of his chosen builders!

Please download a copy of our Holmes Approved Homes Booklet for more information!

Holmes Approved Homes Booklet