The ENERGY STAR ® label is a well recognized and respected brand for energy efficiency.  An ENERGY STAR qualified new home is a practical choice for consumers looking for a new home that’s energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Did you know?  

Today, 17 percent of the energy consumed in Canada runs our homes.

An ENERGY STAR label on a new home indicates lower energy demand and better overall performance of the home. Homes built to the ENERGY STAR for New Homes Standard are, on average, 20 percent more energy-efficient than those built to the building code.


Typical energy efficiency features in ENERGY STAR qualified homes:

• Efficient heating and cooling systems using less energy and improving overall home comfort

• Use of a heat recovery ventilation system removes stale indoor air and replaces it with fresh air

• Walls and ceilings are insulated beyond what is required by the building code, contributing to fewer drafts and cold spots in your home

• High-performance ENERGY STAR windows, patio doors and skylights save energy, keeping your home comfortable and warm in the winter and cool in the summer

• A variety of ENERGY STAR products such as lighting and appliances save money by using less electricity.

Please feel free to download the following brochure for more information:   Energy Star for New Homes