A High Performance Home is a Healthy, Well Built Home!

In recent years, the importance of building energy efficient homes with healthy indoor air quality and materials has grown tremendously!  Health challenges due to mold and stale air continue to plague young children and adults alike.  For this reason, we have chosen to become certified in building High Performance Homes.  It’s the right way to build.  It’s better for your health and your wallet too!


• less expensive to operate

• more comfortable to live in

• more environmentally friendly

Our homes are more friendly for those who wish to live in a comfortable and healthy living environment.  Individuals who are sensitive to mold or chemicals often find our homes do not have the chemicals and toxic air often found in a new home.  Whether you have children, grandchildren, health challenges, or mobility issues, our homes are built to a standard that will ensure many years of comfort.

Want to know more about building a High Performance Home?  Visit these pages for additional information and DOWNLOAD this consumer guide produced by BC Housing.

Today, one in five Canadians have respiratory problems.  Don’t let members of your family become part of that statistic.