Client Trust

We sincerely believe that in order to stay in business, we need to remain competitive and fair with our pricing.

In order for us to know the cost of a home, we need to have a completed set of designs with accurate square footage and a fairly strong idea of what you as the customer wish to have in your home.  Once the plans are finalized, we will cost out each step of the construction process unique to your home design.  We will also endeavor to give fair allowance numbers for various aspects of finishing like cabinetry, tile, hardwood, plumbing fixtures as so on.

A detailed Construction Agreement will outline the cost to build your home, and what we are giving you to spend for details that have yet to be determined like flooring, lighting, etc.  Everything is in writing as we don’t like surprises when it comes to dollars and we don’t think you do either. 

Our invoices will show you how far along we are in the project and we will give you regular updates on allowance numbers.  Our ultimate goal is to eliminate any questions in your mind about how much you are going to need yet keep things simple and easy to understand. 

When you choose Sonbuilt Custom Homes Ltd to build your home, we know you are trusting us with your most valuable asset.  We appreciate your trust and will always endeavour to keep you informed along each step of the journey.